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The Banks Lied & Stole Your Money!
Forensic Loan Audits Prove The Fraud

Securitization Trusts bought most Loans 2002-8

Banks Steal Your Property Blow the whistle on the Banks

Securitization Audits usually Provide Evidence of Most Fraud

highlight Most Banks broke the law: they lied to you about the Nature of the Transaction.
      (Contract Law = if they induce you with a lie to sign a contract, that contract is null and void from inception)
Recent "Loans" were purchased by Securitization Trusts:
1) The "Pretender Lenders" didn't Fund the Transaction, but were bribed to put their name on the Note and Mortgage.
2) They added Securitization Riders that unilaterally changed the terms of the Contract
3) They separated the Note from the Deed of Trust (or Mortgage), which voided the Deed of Trust.
4) They almost always failed to do all the paperwork required and failed to complete Chain of Title. That violated both their tax-free REMIC status and it violated their Pooling and Servicing Agreement. Violations of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement violate New York Law and could prove that your loan (or even the pool it was in) never entered the Trust. Extensive violations of their REMIC status could rescind their REMIC status in general and make them liable for $ Billions.
emphasis This is Constructive Fraud and Deceit, provable by Discovery in Court, with a good lawyer.

Get an Audit to Prove Their Violations at

At, we can do limited analyses for you for $200. or a full Forensic Loan Audit for $600.

Our best product is a Securitization Audit, where, in addition to a Forensic Analysis of Recorded Documents, we gather data from the Bloomberg database about the placement of your loan into the Securitization Trust.

Our price for a Securitization Audit is only $1500 (half of what most others charge).

Get a Securitization Audit to Prove Their Violations at

Read more about out Securitization Audits at (They lied to say it was a loan, when they invested no money; they created the money by monetizing your Promissory Note.
or a Securitization Trust bought it and bribed the "Pretender Lender" to lie in the paperwork to say they were the Lender
You will pay back up to 3 times the original mortgage in 15 to 30 years, even though they risked no capital.

emphasis Imagine - if you had NO MORTGAGE

Although there are no guarantees, they will fight for you.
Investigate 6 approaches we offer:
1) - Have us do a quick check of major weak points in Recordings for $200.
2) - Get a Forensic Loan Audit for $600.
3) - Get a Securitization Audit for $1500.
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5) fight Foreclosure with several strategies from Beat foreclosure Fast .com.
6) at aka
through Money-Park, we can force banks and lenders to acknowledge your payments earlier, and pay off your mortgage and other debts in perhaps 10 years, instead of 30.

With a unique payment calculation program, and a schedule of payments by a bonded adminiatrator, we can reduce your debts in 1/3 the time, with no extra payments by you. See and Click on the online video by MoneyPark
scales of Justice Why are Banks allowed to Lie?
Many People want to settle the Bank's TortFeasance out of court.
If enough people join, we could wake the banks up fast.
Mad Enough at the Deception to Get Your Mortgage Released?
Most Banks refuse to supply the Original of the Note, even for cash.


Click Here for More Background Details or Click Here for files on the Fed & info from Ron Paul
or read an OverviewOfWhatHappensToThePromissoryNote
Evidence for Your Attorney
Quick Reviews $200
Forensic Loan Audits $600
Securitization Audits $1500

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