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The Banks Lied & Stole Your Money!
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Most Banks break the law: they lie to you about the Nature of the Transaction.
Lenders also break laws in the loan documents.

This Constructive Fraud and Deceit is provable by Forensic Loan Audits.
(They lied to say it was a loan, when they invested no money; they created the money by monetizing your Promissory Note.
You will pay back up to 3 times the original mortgage in 15 to 30 years, even thought they risked no capital.
That they do this unconstitutionally makes many people upset. Read More Details about their Fraud Here)

They also routinely break Federal Laws like Truth in Lending (TILA), Real Estate Settlemtnt Procedures Act (RESPA), and State Laws.
Most People don't want to go to court, so they just pay.
(Banks don't want to go to court either, if they see they will lose.)

A Forensic Loan Audit can prove the laws they have broken,
then the lenders will be more willing to negotiate loan Modifications.
Loan Repair Now .com has experts that have been 97% successful at getting loans modified for lower principal and interest, often changing ARMs into fixed loans, and dissolving 2nd mortgages or settling them for pennies on the dollar.
Banks don't want to go to court if they know they will lose.
Imagine what it would be like if you had lower mortgage payments, because you owed less with lower interest!

The Best Strategy I've found!!!:
Hit Them Hard with a Forensic Loan Audit
The Audit will Show All the Laws They Violated
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Want to Get a Loan Modification to lower your Mortgage?
Loan Repair Now .com has experts that are 97% successful at Loan Modifications
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Background Info:

Banks Lie to You in the initial Disclosure they provide you.
They Deceive you to think the Transaction is a "Loan".
They break laws in the loan documents, which can be proved by a Forensic Loan Audit
The Bank took your Promissory Note and "Monetized" it.
They Created Money from Your Signature and Charged you Interest.
By Deceiving You, they Fooled You into paying Usurious Interest.
If you knew they risked nothing, you could Negotiate Lower Interest.
After proving they broke the law in the loan documents, the Banks and Lenders are eager to negotiate a Loan Modification, so they can get out of the flawed contract.

They used your Promissory Note "like a check" to fund the Mortgage.
The Disclosure called it a "Loan", when it was really an "Exchange".
You provided the Instrument for funding, the Promissory Note.
They monetized (like cashing) your Promissory Note (like a check).
They did not provide the Money - You did.
If you had gotten the Loan from a private lender, they would be using their hard-earned capital and would deserve a higher interest rate in exchange.
The Bank "Created" the money from nothing by monetizing your Promissory Note.
Unfortunately, the above is harder to prove.
They also break laws in the loan documents that can be proven by a Forensic Loan Audit.
The Banks and Lenders are then eager to negotiate a Loan Modification to get out of the Contract proven fraudulent.
Loan Repair Now .com has experts that are 97% successful at Loan Modifications

If the Bank Disclosed the Transaction properly, there would be no Disclosure problem.
They don't want to do that, because people would be upset that they charged the same higher interest rate as private lenders.
They're giving an "Exchange Service", not a "Loan" of their money,
but they are charging Interest as if it were a Loan from their Capital.
Many perceive this false Disclosure as "Fraud".
Is the Joke on You, or Will You Help Stop the Fraud?

If you sue the Bank for False Disclosure, with good Discovery and Expert Testimony, you might win.
But who has the time and the money to fight like that?
The Banks are happy with that - They want to keep you quiet.
Many feel that it is wrong not to fight to stop the Disclosure Fraud.
The US Truth in Lending Act was an attempt to require Lenders to tell you the truth.
A Forensic Loan Audit can prove the laws the lenders broke, and can force them to give you a Loan Modification, often with a lower balance, lower interest, and sometimes converting an ARM to a fixed loan.
Loan Repair Now .com has experts that are 97% successful at Loan Modifications

Why are Banks allowed to Lie?
There is a movement to settle the Bank's TortFeasance out of court.
If enough people join, we could wake the banks up fast.
Are You Mad Enough at the Deception to Get Your Mortgage Modified?
Email me at if you'd like more info.
Loan Repair Now .com has experts that are 97% successful at Loan Modifications

More Background Info:

Read an OverviewOfWhatHappensToThePromissoryNote

Mortgages are funded by Exchanges not Loans

When I entered into the Mortgage, I thought that the Bank was "Loaning" me funds from Depositors.
I thought that because there was a risk to Depositor funds, the interest rate charged was justified.
Most others believe the same, and this is considered "Generally Accepted Accounting Principles" (GAAP) by CPAs and other accountants.
The agreement called for a repayment of over $300,000 over a period of 30 years for a "Loan" of $144,000. Is this usurious, if they never lent me their own money, and risked nothing?

After reading Tom Schauf's Books ,
I got and studied Booklets published by the Federal Reserve banks themselves.

In these Booklets, I learned that the Bank RISKED NO CAPITAL.

Tom Schauf is a CPA & an expert lecturer on Banking,
but the Booklets themselves tell the truth of the nature of the agreement.

I have learned that Banks can Deposit my Promissory Note into an account and take that money and hand it back to me. This is an exchange, not a loan. The Promissory Note that I gave them was the instrument that was deposited to create the money that was given to me. This was an exchange, not a loan of Depositors' money: no Bank Capital was risked.
I recommend buying Tom Schauf's 2 books ($20 each):
America's Hope To cancel bank loans without going to court &
The American Voters Vs. The Banking System The technical guide to America's Hope.
(They are easy to read, but often repetitious).
Tom Schauf's approach requires taking the bank to court.
Most people are not prepared or willing to go to court.
Our Lawyers will do the court work for you.
CPA Opinion Letters from other CPAs, which explain the actual exchange (not loan) process can be enlightening in court. You should hire a CPA to testify and explain the process in court, as well. I'm using a great CPA here, near LA.

Banks give (false) Disclosure that the agreement is a "Loan", but it is not; it is an exchange of money from the value of the Promissory Note deposited into an account.

Full Disclosure was not made of the nature of the transaction.

Because the Nature of the Transaction is contrary to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), and is against what the public believes in general, I believe this non-Disclosure of the true nature of the transaction is FRAUD.

I firmly believe that the public needs to know about this deception, and I believe that a jury would be appalled to learn of this massive deception. I believe it is necessary for someone to properly use Discovery in a court of Law and set precedent in Federal Court, especially in Appellate Court. If possible, this should be brought to the Supreme Court.
Banks don't want this, so they settle out of court, if Discovery shows Constructive Fraud.
Forensic Loan Audits can prove that laws were broken by the lenders documents, and is much easier than going to court.
Loan Repair Now .com has experts that are 97% successful at Loan Modifications

Side Notes:

If you want to know why there is no Capital for Investment left in the US, look at the "unconstitutional" Federal Reserve, a privately-owned institution that has extorted money from everyone since 1913. This will tell you why the economy is failing. Keynesian economics doesn't work - Read books by Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian School of Economics.
(Read about Billions for the Bankers - Debts for the People)
For more info on the Federal Reserve, go to, especially Fed & Fed2
On May 23, 1933, Congressman Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, The Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of United States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to, CONSPIRACY, FRAUD, UNLAWFUL CONVERSION, AND TREASON. Read Details
Read about Billions for the Bankers - Debts for the People

Email me at if you'd like more info. Loan Repair Now .com has experts that are 97% successful at Loan Modifications
Other Sites:
Val-Chris Investment Fraud

My Previous Experiences:

Many Banks appear to explicitly break 4 Federal Laws:
1) 15 USC § 1601 et seq.: Truth in Lending requires that banks disclose all details of the transaction
2) 12 USC § 1831n(2)(A): Requires banks to follow “Uniform accounting principles consistent with GAAP”
3) 12 USC § 2605 RESPA: requires that banks acknowledge & respond to a “qualified written request”.
4) 15 USC § 1611 Whoever willfully and knowingly (1) gives false or inaccurate information or fails to provide information which he is required to disclose under the provisions of this subchapter or any regulation,
Some Banks also appear to break State Laws:
1) Business and Professions Code 17200 (for unfair and deceptive business practices),
2) unjust enrichment, 3) breach of fiduciary duty,
4) conversion, 5) negligence and
6) violations of the Consumer Protection Act
Some Banks even break CA Civil Code 2943, too!!!
After Notice of Default, request the Promissory Note in a qualified written request: Some will ignore it!

Read an OverviewOfWhatHappensToThePromissoryNote

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